Friday, February 7, 2014

And So We Begin

As we begin the new year of seeing who is fastest around the buoys, we, Devyn Smythe and Deirdre Faulds, are excited to be named Starboard Yacht Club-Power Boat Division's Commodores. As many of you know, SYC is the oldest yacht club in Second Life. We are plotting a new course by creating the power boat division. During our introductory time trials and races, we have felt welcome in the Blake Sea community. We will strive to continue good relations with local yacht clubs and all Blake Sea users.

Some time ago we were approached by MarkTwain White to provide consultation and advice on powerboat racing in the Blake Sea. Since we have experience with powerboats and are familiar with the American Power Boat Association's racing rules, we felt that we could take on this endeavor. As time went on the consultation turned into the formation of a powerboat division for SYC. Our main motivation was to create a fair and realistic framework in which we could enjoy powerboat racing. We have always felt the need to organize the powerboat community in Second Life for the purpose of racing and have been given the opportunity by SYC to professionally and ethically do so.

While trying to create this framework, we must work within the constraints of SL.  Sim borders, lag, and variations in builder's boat scripts pose great challenges. We have designed our powerboat specifications to provide a degree of realism and playability in all of our approved boats. This is not meant to be exhaustive or exclusive, but instead to promote the building of boats in second life that are both reasonable and sensible within the confines of second life.

As the tide of power boat racing waxes we are thankful to be given the opportunity to provide leadership. Join us in creating a seaworthy offshore power boat racing community.

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