Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tugby Results as of June 22nd

My apologies for not getting last week's and this week's results posted earlier.  I was working on three videos for the Pirate / Mer communities to use at the SL 11 B and that just takes a bunch of time.  Plus, as you may have seen, Hollywood Real Estate has added a number of new regions to the north of San Nicolas and Santa Cruz with a Pacific Northwest theme.  You really should go over and especially check out the Columbia River.  It is a fantastic serious of regions.  

But enough of the shameless promotion, the results for the Summer Season are posted below.  We welcomed a number of new players last Sunday and I suspect that there will be more new players as a result of the Tugby plot at the SL 11th Birthday.  I want to especially thank Carla, Yasmine, Allie, and Forrest for their work at making that happen.  A big shout out to them!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer Tugby Season has Started!

As of the games played on June 1st, the summer season has started.  The results are below.  We did not play last week.  Below are the results of the June 1st games.