Wednesday, February 12, 2014

An exciting 2014 for Starboards Sailboat Division

Ahoy! I'm Maiti Yenni.  This year marks the start of an exciting new chapter for the oldest Sailing club in SL. I am extremely honored and proud to be named the new Commodore for Starboards' Sailboat Division. I approached Nber and Mark some months ago wanting to help with activities at the club, a club that has an amazing history, with a group of club members as varied and interesting as one can get. It's an exciting time, getting to know various members, management staff, our Powerboat Division Commodores, and of course people from many of the other Yacht Clubs in SL.
Our course set for the sailing division will be as diverse as the members I serve. It is my plan that over the next few months, many of the features that have been the staple of the club will be revamped and brought back fully. But also, our goal is to guide people who are interested first in learning sailing, then introduced into racing later, if they desire. This mission will play an important part in the first events we are planning.
 One such event is our up and coming race series with a newly introduced sail boat. This boat is a daysailer type boat, the Bandit 25, and represents this shift in our focus. It's the sort of boat and racing series that one may find in real life  - with average people getting together on the weekends and racing their boats at the local club. Good, relaxed fun!
As things get settled, yes hardcore racers, we will be getting that level of racing going once more as well..  Various events will be announced. Also, as activity increases, the club will start fielding sailors to events happening at other clubs. Social events hosted at the club are also clearly on the horizon.

It is my hope that you come and join us as part of the Starboards sailing community!

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