Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tugby Results for February 2nd 2014

My apologies for this posting of results being a bit late, but as you can see we have a brand new web site that will be hosting our Tugby information from now on.  Please make a note of the new link.  

We have been having a number of new players come out and we really do enjoy teaching you our game.  Come back and play with us often.  Remember, that while we do keep "score" the most important thing is to have fun!

Below are the tallies of wins / games played for last Sunday and below that is the cumulative standing for the Winter Season.

3 / 4 ALLIE
0 / 4 CHRIS
2 / 4 DAGGER
2 / 4 LUCKY
2 / 4 LYNN
2 / 3 YASMIN

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