History of Starboards Yacht Club

Wind powered sailing began in Second Life in June of 2005 when Kanker Greenacre posted the following to the old SL Forums:  "Hey people. I've built a new sailboat that uses the wind for propulsion (via a script, that is). It's called the Flying Tako and you can read about it in my post in the classifieds forum. For anyone who has ever sailed before, its operation is pretty intuitive. I was thinking of having a race, or series of races, some time in the next couple of weeks. I know nothing about real sailboat races, so it would probably be a simple affair. Everyone would race the same class of boat, though -- i.e., a Flying Tako. If you are interested in racing, helping me organize the race, or just trying out the boat, let me know below or IM me in-world."   -- Kanker Greenacre

In August of 2005, MarkTwain White founded Starboards Yacht Club with Kanker Greenacre and Nber Medici as founding members.  

SLSF Skippers and friends are invited to check out the new Starboards Yacht Club in the THEATER DISTRICT sim (soon to be renamed the Hollywood sim). Starboards Y.C. and the adjoining pub and marina will be a gathering place for SLSF skippers and all in SL who love sailing. 

S.Y.C. Features: 
-A beautiful club building overlooking the start finish line of the new Hollywood Race Course. 
-The new Hollywood Race Course, a magnificent sailboat racing course that is impressing all who have seen it. 
-The Hollywood Harbor Marina (including a Tako Dock area run by Kanker Greeenacre). 
-"The Admiral's Daughter" Pub & Skullduggery (To Come) "

For a preview of what sailing can be like in a virtual world, here are the semi-finals and Finals of the second America's Cup Anywhere in Second Life which was held in conjunction with the America's Cup organization, Alcatel-Lucent, and 9thSense.Com (the official organizations running media events for the 32rd America's Cup in 2007). This footage is from the Match Racing event in 2010 and was again a joint effort of 9th.Com and many of us in SL sailing.

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