Power Division

The Power Division currently races on sunday mornings at 10AM. We will be adding more races as time goes by. Currently there are three boats sanctioned boats approved for races in the SYC-PBD (Bandit 380R, SprintJet and Riva Rosa. A fourth sanctioned boat, the PCM Hydrofoil has been put on hold do to the designer's sabbatical from Second Life.

SprintJet Boats Ready for a Start


The commodores of the SYC Power Division are Deidre Faulds and Devyn Smythe. To read articles written by our commodores search the labels column for Power Commentary.

Sanctioned Boats

Because some boat designs in Second Life do not simulate realistic speed and physics we have a screening process to make sure all boats raced competitively at SYC are programmed to perform at realistic speeds. Those boats that are approved have vendors displays for both the retail version and the demo version of that boat. The demo versions are identical to the retail version for racing purposes.

If you are a boat designer and are interested in getting your boat sanctioned for use in SYC-PRD races please contact Deirdre or Devyn. Tthe current guidelines being used to evaluated boats for possible use in SYC-PBD races can be found in the links below.