Sailing Division

The Sail Division main race will be held on Sundays at 1PM. The season will start on Sunday February 16 when Anaylse Dean and Dutch (kain xenobuilder) of the MESH Shop unveil their nifty new daysailer, the Bandit 25. We will race the Bandit 25 on this opening day. Both retail and demo versions of boat will be available. As the weeks go on we will add other boats to our racing roster.

MTW's Looneta Cruising off Hollywood Airport
SYC has a philosophy behind our decision on what sailboats to race at the club. There are yacht clubs all over SL that run races covering boats across the spectrum of sizes and skill levels simulating everything from dinghies  to open ocean racers.  We will be focusing on a fairly narrow part of the spectrum of boat design, namely those boats most often used by the average RL sailor at his local club races. Some of these boats are called cruisers, others are called daysailers. These are the boats that race around the world at local yacht clubs in club races using boats that also serve as recreational sailing by skippers all over. We will begin with the Bandit 25.


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