Monday, February 17, 2014

Opening day 2014 for the Sailing Division!

The excitement grew Sunday after the Power Boat races, with the start of the 2014 Sailing Season Opening Event.
I was overwhelmed at the attendance, it was great to see old friends and a lot of new ones!  The event started off at 11:30 with an Opening, featuring Mark Twain White and myself.  Of course, we both gave a short speeches, welcoming everyone and outlining our plans for the club. 
The awesome part for me, was the turnout. During the gathering and then just after, I saw on the map as many as 50 people attending, and more on the borders trying to get in!  I’m thinking that although the speeches were wonderful and all that, the real reason people were there was excitement over the start of races and events at Starboards and the introduction of the Bandit 25.

During the opening meeting, there was a free giveaway of a Bandit, winner: Faline, (Pim Strom)!

 Congratulations, and please enjoy it!

After the meeting came the fun stuff. Two demo rezzers with Bandits had been set up.  People took to the Blake in droves, at one point as many as 25 or more, were out enjoying the new boat and trying its various features.
Everyone got their own boat to try!

There was room for everyone, but lots of people wanted to share their experiences.
 After folks got used to the “feel” of their boats, came a low pressure -  fun race, using the Short Olympic course. It was really great seeing the start with 12 boats passing over the line. 

Just a great sight to see!
Because it was not a formal race, results are not going to be posted, but most finished the course, and everyone had a great time with a great boat!

Most people stayed on for the LCC cruise taking place just after, while others did their own thing for the rest of the afternoon with the new boats. 

Events ended with the finishing of the LCC cruise after party, featuring the awesome sounds from Benny The Boozehound. Great stuff Benny!

I want to thank everyone for coming! Next Sunday, we race these boats for real, same course, the Short Olympic, with the winds to be announced. I invite all people interested, whether you are experienced or not!

 Come on out, casual racing, good people, and good fun!

(All Photos Courtesy of ZZ Bottom. Thanks again ZZ!)

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