Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tugby Results for April 27th, 2014

We did not have formal games on Easter Sunday, although Yasmin was kind enough to run some games.  Those have not be counted in to the results below.

The results for last Sunday were:

1 / 2 ALLIE
3 / 5 CARLA
2 / 4 LUCKY
4 / 5 LYNN
1 / 5 SKYE
3 / 4 YAS

And for the season are below:

Below is the link to my Flickr Album for Tugby - I try to take a couple of pics every week, the newest are at the end.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Tugby Results for April 13, 2014

Lag seemed to be the winner last week.  I'm going to file a ticket with Linden Lab asking if there is anything odd going on.  Some people have indicated that they think it is because of Dutch Harbor (the new sim to the south), but we have only had problems for a couple of weeks and that region has been there a lot longer.  Anyway, we played 3 on 3 and completed four games.  I'm not going to be here next Sunday as it is Easter.  If someone else wants to run games, they are free to do so.  If you need the ability to send notices to the Tugby Captains group, let me know.  

0 / 2 ALLIE
3 / 3 CARLA
2 / 2 DAGGER
2 / 2 JAMAL
1 / 4 KIKI
1 / 3 LUCKY
0 / 2 LYNN
1 / 3 SKYE
2 / 3 YAS

Friday, April 11, 2014

Power Results

Tugby Results for April 6, 2014

I think that you would have to say that we had a "lagalicious" day last Sunday.  We decided that we would need to run 3 on 3 games rather than the normal 4 on 4 games.  Thanks to the players that graciously sat out for a game so that we could play on.  

We were able to complete three games and the individual scores for the day are below and below that the cumulative scores for the season.  Let's pray to the anti-lag gods that next Sunday will be better.  Go to THIS link for pictures.

Dagger 2 / 2

Allie         1 / 2
Carla 0 / 3
Forrest 1 / 2
Skye 1 / 3
Lynn 2 / 2
Yas         1 / 2
Lucky 1 / 2

Thursday, April 10, 2014


The first Bandit 380MV Pro Bracket Races were held last Sunday. The winner, ForrestPath Resident(Tami) in her #862 Rebel Girl Bandit 380MV took home the 500L first place prize with a race time of 5:56. All the  Bandit 380MV race times for the day are posted in power results.

Tami's Rebel Girl Bandit 380R
The racing series has been ongoing long enough for us to begin having  races in some of the PRO Brackets. The next time that the Bandit 380's Race we will also hold the Pro Bracket for the Bandit 380R.The other regularly raced boat in this series is the Accel 19' Jet Sprint Boat. A sponsor has come forward for the sprint pro races. There will be a purse of 3000L for the pro Bracket as well as trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Places.  More details to follow.

Trophies for the Accel Sprint Boat Races

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tugby Results for March 30, 3014

We had a very good group of folks show up to play Tugby last Sunday.  Kiki and Jamal Nerido returned after an absence of some time.  Welcome back!!  Nez Darkfury hasn't played very regularly, but we were glad to see him back.  

The overall results for the Spring season are below, the results for last Sunday are here as well (Dagger had a great day!) .  Hope to see you next week!!

0/4 Kiki
1/2 Nez
1/4 Lucky
4/4 Dagger
1/2 Jamal
2/4 Skye
2/4 Yas
2/4 Forrest
1/3 Lynn
1/1 Allie