Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sail for Life Art Auction!

Winnie Sweetwater posted in the VWS forum the following results for the Sail for Life Art Auction.
 "Sail For Life Art Auction was a wonderful success.  The auction raised L$ 71,800  to fight cancer.  Thank you to our wonderful DJs,  Joy Canadeo, G Winz, the artists and especially Nber Medici for her hard work to make this event a success.  Go Relay !!!!"

I want to express my deepest thanks to everyone who came and participated.  Special thanks to the artists for contributing their talents.  

Tugby Results for the Spring Season 2015

Our list of players for the season keeps growing.  During the Spring Season (which ended last Sunday), we had 20 people come and play with us.  Very awesome!  We played three games last Sunday and had a total of 9 players play.  Next Sunday will start the beginning of the Summer Tugby season.  Come on down and play with us... we don't bite and are even pretty friendly.  

Below are the results for last Sunday and below that the cumulative results for the Spring Season.

2 / 3 ALLIE
1 / 3 CARLA
2 / 3 DAGGER
0 / 2 JACQUI
1 / 3 LIA
2 / 3 LYNN
0 / 3 MAYA
3 / 3 YAS

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tugby Results for May 17th, 2015

Thanks to everyone who came to play.  We played one 6 player game and two 8 player games.  The first game lasted 24 minutes, the second lasted 12 minutes, and the third lasted 16 minutes.  In all the games were hard fought and well played.  Lots of good sportsmanship.  I am proud of you all!

The scores for the day are below...and below that the cumulative scores for the season.  I would like to thank Lynn for giving me a summary of the game play that makes it very easy to make this report.  See you Sunday!!

1 / 3 ALLIE
3 / 3 BURT
1 / 3 CARLA
1 / 3 DAGGER
2 / 3 JUSTIN
1 / 2 LYNN
1 / 2 MAYA
1 / 3 YAS

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tugby Results for May 10, 2015

Many many thanks to Yasmin for running the games in my absence last Sunday.  I am back now and will be running the games today.  Sorry for getting these results posted late, but I am playing "catch-up" with all kinds of things both SL and RL related.  

Results for the 10th:

Allie     0/2
Burt      1/2
Carla     0/2
Dagger  1/2
Lynn     2/2
Maya     2/2

and for the season:

Monday, May 4, 2015

Tugby Results for May 3, 2015

We had nine people to play last Sunday.  We only played three games as the games were very competitive. I will be gone next Sunday, and Lynn Parkin has agreed to send notices and run the games.  Many thanks to Lynn!  

Below are the results for last Sunday and cumulative results below that.

1 / 2 ALLIE
2 / 3 BURT
3 / 3 CARLA
1 / 3 DAGGER
1 / 3 JUSTIN
3 / 3 LYNN
1 / 3 MAYA
0 / 1 REI