Monday, February 24, 2014

Tugby Results Updated for February 23rd, 2014 - End of the Winter Season

What a GREAT day yesterday!  I am still stoked.  I will be doing a "Nber's Corner" article on the Tugby Hud ...but I will say here... that I am a real fan of Yasmine's work.  

I do need to report also that I made some errors on last week's scores.  Those have now been corrected, please see the previous Tugby Results post.  

Last Sunday marked the end of the Winter Season, we reset the scores beginning with next Sunday.  I'd like to congratulate Allie with her first place in Points Earned.  For those players with more than 20 games under their belts, Lynn had the highest Win %.  

1 / 3 ALLIE
2 / 3 CARLA
2 / 3 DAGGER
2 / 3 LUCKY
1 / 3 LYNN
0 / 3 SKYE
1 / 3 YAS


  1. just want to say that I am still following yourt efforts, guys! Hope I am back on track next week.... Keep it up! And congratz Allie leading the ranking :-)

    Stu XXX

  2. We look forward to seeing you again Stu!!