Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tugby Results Updated for July 27th

Last Sunday saw some very competitive games.  We had someone come back and play who has not played for a long time.  Welcome back Yanete!  Good to see you.

Below is last Sunday's win / lose tally, and below that the cumulative results for the season.

1/2 Rikk
2/4 Forrest
3/4 Lynn
0/2 Nber
3/4 Allie
2/4 Dagger
0/2 Yanete

Friday, July 25, 2014

Tugby Results Updated for July 20th

We had really good games last Sunday! Results for the day and for the season are posted below.  The lag seems to be much less for whatever reason.  

4 / 4 LYNN
1 / 4 DAGGER
0 / 2 ALLIE
1 / 2 RIKK

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tugby Results Updated for July 13th

Last Sunday was a genuine pleasure to see an "old" player.  Rikk Lovell hasn't played for quite some time, but joined us and I hope he will come back!  We didn't have a lot of players, I suspect that the Finals of the World Cup drew our regulars away.  Come and play with us next week!

4 / 5 LYNN
3 / 5 ALLIE
2 / 5 RIKK

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tugby Results for July 6, 2014

I sent a notice to the group about my interview with Designing Worlds.  If you didn't get a chance to see it... I've put the link below.  Fast forward to 48.10 to see my interview about Tugby.  I hope you like it.

For a holiday weekend we had a pretty good turnout last Sunday.  Results for last Sunday are below... and the cumulative results for the season are below that.  Hope to see you next Sunday!!

0/3 Allie
0/1 Bea
1/3 Carla
0/1 Dagger
2/3 Forrest
3/3 Lynn
1/1 Nber
1/1 Yaz

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tugby Results for June 29th

We continue to have new players join us.  Burt Artis has returned to play with his friend macee.  And Dan and Clarissa also are trying their hands at the game.  Muppet also had a very successful first outing.  Overall we had nine people play last Sunday. 

Many thanks to all who played and to those experienced players who made the newcomers feel welcome.  See you on Sunday!

1 / 1 ALLIE
2 / 2 CARLA
1 / 3 DAGGER
1 / 2 DAN
1 / 2 LYNN
2 / 2 MUPPET
1 / 2 YAS