Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tugby Results Updated for November 1st... and results of Killer Tugby Contest

My apologies for not posting the results for the games on October 25th.  I was with my mother most of that week and she did pass away on the 28th.  Now the funeral is behind me and I can get back to a more normal schedule.  I want to thank those that expressed their condolences.  My mother was almost 100 years old at her passing, and I think that by and large she had a very fulfilling life.  

I will be doing a Killer Tugby video, but am still running a bit behind.  I DO want to post the results.  Allie and Carla share first place.  Results below:

#1 Burt Artis 4 votes
#2 Carla Eisenhart 4 votes Voodoo Hat
#3 Bridget Beresford 7 votes
#6 Allie Tomsen Evil Pumpkin Face 11 votes
#12 Carla Eisenhart 11 votes
#8 Bucky (bzorn) 8 vote

November 1st Tugby Results:

1 / 3 ALLIE
0 / 3 BURT
3 / 3 CARLA
1 / 3 CLARA
1 / 3 JEAN
1 / 3 LYNN
2 / 3 YASMIN

and Cumulative Results below:

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