Friday, November 27, 2015

Tugby Results for November 22, 2015

Now that Gobble Gobble day is over, I am posting the results of last Sunday's matches.  So far this season, we have had 18 people join us to play Tugby.  Some return again and again, and some just play one day or one game and don't come back.  We are always a really friendly bunch, so even if you just want to come and watch you can feel free to do so!  We have another new player, welcome Adele!  You had a great opening with us and we hope you come back to play.

Below is the SLURL to the observation deck in Dutch Harbor -

and to the Tugby Clubhouse -

See results below:

1 / 2 ADELE
0 / 4 ALLIE
1 / 2 BURT
0 / 3 CARLA
1 / 3 CAROL
4 / 4 DAGGER
3 / 4 LYNN1 / 4 SONIA

And cumulative for the season so far:

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