Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tugby Results November 15th, 2015

Only two more weeks until the end of the Fall Season of Tugby.  The first Sunday of December begins the Winter Season. And just a little forewarning... I will be gone on a short vacation beginning on December 6th.  I'm sure that a worthy substitute referee will be available.

The competition last Sunday was intense.  The first game was 17 minutes long.  The second one was was 44 minutes long!!  We did replay one point as Lynn crashed during the play.  Below is the results for the day and cumulative results below that.  See you next week!

1 / 2 ALLIE
0 / 2 CARLA
0 / 2 CAROL
2 / 2 DAGGER
2 / 2 LYNN
0 / 2 SONIA1 / 2 YASMIN

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