Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tugby Results Updated for March 15, 21015

We had another record turnout with ten people coming to play.  We had one new player come - welcome to Darksnow Petrovic!  The first game was very long... took 30 minutes to play.  There were two ties in the game with great competition.   The second game was not quite as long.  The scores for individuals are below with the cumulative scores below that.  

We had two guests come to watch, Inara Pey and her friend Maya came to watch and Inara has written a GREAT blog post about it.  Hop on over to her blog to read it.  Great pictures as well.  

I've installed a different chat relay system at the field. It *should* allow anyone on the red or green ends to simply say something in chat and it automatically relays it to the Tugby Dock, the other end of the field, and to the observation deck.  No need to shout!  The system is called the "Bright Chat Relay" and the results look like below:

[13:02] <BCR Tugby Dock> Nber Medici: ahoy
[13:12] <BCR Tugby Dock> Nber Medici: hey there ... get ready to play
[12:51] <BCR Green> Nber Medici: ahoy there
[12:54] <BCR Red > Nber Medici: ahoyI

BCR standing for Bright Chat Relay and the rest of the text gives the location the chat originated from.  Hope it works!!  Will see tomorrow.

0 / 2 ALLIE
1 / 1 BURT
2 / 2 CARLA
1 / 2 DAGGER
1 / 2 JUSTIN
0 / 2 LYNN
1 / 1 WIPPY
1 / 2 YASMIN

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