Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tugby Results for the Winter Season 2015

The winter season is complete.  We have a three-way tie for first place!  Lynn, Forrest, and Dagger each finished with 28 wins under their belts.  While all three had 28 wins, Forrest had the best win percentage of 71.8%.  That is an outstanding win percentage.  Congrats to them and to everyone who plays.  

At the end of a season, I would like to express my personal thanks to ALL that come and play.  While we do track wins... the REAL win is the comradeship and enjoyment that I think you all experience.  We care about each other.  I would like to repeat my personal thanks to Yasmine for making my Sunday mornings MUCH less stressful by doing some terrific automation of the game.  Thank you Yasmine!!  My personal thanks also go to Lynn who makes my life easier by providing me with a notecard after the games which summarizes the Game Calls.  That makes the process of compiling the results much faster.  

Thanks again to all of you.  As Spock would say, "Live Long and Prosper".

0 / 3 ALLIE
2 / 5 ARYA
2 / 3 BURT
3 / 5 DAGGER
3 / 5 JUSTIN
2 / 5 LYNN
2 / 5 YASMIN

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