Friday, February 3, 2017

Tugby Results for January 29, 2017 PLUS Script Counter Announcement!

Last Sunday we played three games that were very competitive.  Since there was some concern over avatars wearing too many scripts, Yasmin volunteered to do an Avatar Script Counter that is integrated with the Team Selector.  Below is the announcement sent out by Yasmin.

Ahoy Tugby Captains!  .o/

We are always having to deal with lag, due to a variety of causes - but one that we do have some control over is the amount of script resources consumed by our avatars. Its easy to overlook our attachment script count, its normal to be running several, but when we play tugby we should make a conscious effort to reduce our scripts to a minimum to do our bit to avoid lag. 

In order to help remind us of our script load I have added a feature to the Team Selector on the dock that will nag anyone with a larger than modest script count. Here is how it works (currently)
* script count, memory and runtime stats are reported for captains as they sign up, anyone with more than 20 scripts gets a personal notice
* scan is run right after the teams are selected, so once per game
* scan checks everyone in the PARCEL, including passengers and spectators. It wont include people on the public and residential parcels elsewhere in the sim
* device reports total and average avatar script usage
* list of avatars & their resource use is sorted by total script count
* the device will shout the name of the avatar with the highest script count
* all avatars with more than 20 script are listed with their resource stats

Of course script count is not the only cause for lag. And arguably the total count is not the best metric for measuring server resource load (runtime use is perhaps more helpful). But hopefully this will encourage us all (players and spectators) to keep our script down to a reasonable level.

Thanks for your consideration and responsible use of scripts. But most of all please lets not let this become a source of drama, we should focus on the fun of playing tugby :-)


Below are the results for the day:

2 / 3 ALLIE
3 / 3 CARLA
0 / 3 CAROL
1 / 3 DAGGER
1 / 3 LYNN
2 / 3 SONIA

3 / 3 YASMIN

and the results for the season so far:

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