Saturday, June 18, 2016

Tugby Results Updated for June 12th!! Sort of....

Last Sunday, the grid was being particularly cruel to us, so we decided to play a little bit differently and the results are not being reported.  We had five players (including your's truly) to play.  We selected had two players for Green and two players for Red.  That left ME to play for BLACK.  I would start out playing for one side, but once a side scored a point, I swapped allegiance to the other team.  You all KNOW how much I love tie games.  If the score was tied, I played for which ever team had the puck in their backfield.  It actually turned out to be rather fun, and since the results don't matter, folks didn't mind the lag and SL performance.  If the Grid Gods are good to us, tomorrow will be better!  Come and play with us!

Nber Medici

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