Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tugby Results for April 10, 2016

Last Sunday's Tugby matches were challenging in that SL seemed to be having serious issues.  During the second match, we had to stop play and reset the region because the lag was so bad.  There were flying Tugboats everywhere!!  I was doing an experiment with Live Streaming of the match (see video below).  I don't believe that had any impact on the region's performance.  If someone knows differently, please let me know.  After Tugby, I downloaded the Live Stream video file and edited it a bit.  I added a music score and sped up the action a bit.  At about 7:46 on the video, you will see the flying Tugs!  Below is the video, results for the day, and results for the season.  See you on Sunday!

Sunday's results:

1 / 2 ALLIE
2 / 2 BURT
1 / 1 CARLA
0 / 2 CAROL
1 / 2 DAGGER
1 / 1 LYNN
1 / 2 SONIA
0 / 2 YASMIN

Season's results:

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