Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tugby Field Upgraded! Plus Results from August 2nd, 2015

For quite some time the Tugby players have had a problem on the Tugby pitch with "out of pitch" players.  It usually occurs during a furious scrum when every Tug is fighting for the puck.  A player gets accidentally pushed OUT of the pitch.  While this does not happen very often, the only fair thing to do was to stop play and restart the point from the beginning.  While fair this was also rather disconcerting to the players.  

To correct the problem,  the Tugby field has now had its sides doubled in size.  See picture below.  Hope it solves the problem.

We had nine players last Sunday.  The results for the day and for the season to date are below.  

0 / 2 ALLIE
1 / 3 BURT
2 / 3 CARLA
3 / 4 CAROL
3 / 4 DAGGER
1 / 4 GEM
0 / 4 LYNN
2 / 4 MAYA
4 / 4 YASMIN

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