Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tugby Results Updated for April 26th, 2015

Last Sunday we were a bit short of players so had to play a couple of games with only two players per side.  It is a MUCH more difficult game in my opinion.  I did play one game and no thanks to my play, my team did win.  Thankfully Burt came by and rescued me (and my team mates) from my playing.  Thanks Burt!!

Please remember that I will be gone on May 10th.  I SHOULD be back on the 17th.  I believe that Lynn is willing to be the referee.  

Results are below:

 2 / 5 ALLIE
1 / 2 BURT
3 / 3 LYNN
2 / 5 MAYA
1 / 1 NBER
2 / 5 YAS

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