Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sail for Life Convio Challenge

Sail for Life 2015 is ramping up!  Winnie Sweetwater is this year's chairperson.  The following notice was sent out to SL Sailing Association and to Starboards Yacht Club.  Please take note of the Convio Challenge.

Below are the details on the Convio Challenge 
Here is our donation web site   

thank you

  Winnie :)

____________________ The 2015 Covio Challenge __________________________


1. First 25 teams who have registered on convio receives 1000L credited to their team

2. First 20 teams who have received at least FIVE convio transactions of $20 or more EACH receive 5000L bonus credited to their team

3. First 20 teams who show a convio balance of at least $250 receives 10,000L bonus credited to their team

4. First 12 teams who raise $500 on Convio receives 25,000L bonus credited to their team (1200.00)

 Random Padar (Darrow) 2015 Event Chair

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