Sunday, October 19, 2014

You Have More Control Than You Think

There has been a lot of recent talk about lag conditions in sailing. Much of the discussion centered around Linden Lab's mistake in placing all of the Blake Sea regions on a new type server (SNACK) and ensuing problems that created. We are back on regular SL Severs for the moment and will likely be returned to the SNACK servers once they get things straightened out. SNACK promise to greatly improve preformance by offloading the task of texture loading from current Apache servers that run other aspects of the regions.

Now that things are settling down a bit I felt it was time to take out the old "personal lag" discussion and share it with everyone (especially those who are newer in SL (in my case that would be anyone under 10 years SL age)). HAHAAHA. Just a joke folks.

So, don't miss the new post on the MarkTwain White Journal that can really help you reduce your lag experience on the water.  Click HERE.

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