Monday, August 4, 2014

Some of you may know that I have been involved with the Sail for Life / Relay for Life in Second Life since the very very beginning.  I have been trying to help the effort by making videos of various events.  One of the most fun events is the ChippenSail event.  Below is the video for the event for this year.  If you want to see your favorite dancer, use the following time stamps.  Many thanks to all these men who participated, the ladies that bid on them, and to Allie Tomsen for organizing the event yet again.  Benny did a great job on doing the introductions of the dancers and providing the music.  It was GREAT fun!

1:22 Mr B (David Wetherby)
2:18 Chaos Mandelbrot
3:17 "Dutch" Kain Xenobuilder
4:22 Forrest Gibbs
5:10 Fred Uralia
6:40 Greythistle Twine
8:37 Justin
10:37 "Mr. Nibs" Nibor Shoreland
12:31 "Little Wolf" Wolfhard
13:22 Yaz Launim

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