Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tugby Results as of June 22nd

My apologies for not getting last week's and this week's results posted earlier.  I was working on three videos for the Pirate / Mer communities to use at the SL 11 B and that just takes a bunch of time.  Plus, as you may have seen, Hollywood Real Estate has added a number of new regions to the north of San Nicolas and Santa Cruz with a Pacific Northwest theme.  You really should go over and especially check out the Columbia River.  It is a fantastic serious of regions.  

But enough of the shameless promotion, the results for the Summer Season are posted below.  We welcomed a number of new players last Sunday and I suspect that there will be more new players as a result of the Tugby plot at the SL 11th Birthday.  I want to especially thank Carla, Yasmine, Allie, and Forrest for their work at making that happen.  A big shout out to them!!

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