Sunday, May 25, 2014

2014 Hot Pucks - A Benefit for Sail for Life / Relay for Life


On May 24th, I ran a "Hot Pucks" Event for Sail for Life.  The basic premise is that a contestant will try to push a "puck" down the Tugby Field with their Tugboat, around a buoy at the far end and return to the start line.  A regulation sailing start-line is used to record the time.  Believe me, this is much harder than it sounds.  I had set out the Sail for Life Donation Kiosk ahead of time for folks to donate when they practiced or just when they felt like donating.  The event was fun and even more importantly it raised 29,000 Lindens for Relay for Life.  

Thanks to MarkTwain White for this picture of the assembled contestants (the cow was not allowed to compete).  A number of people ran the course, some more successfully than others!  I had been asked to make the course easier, so I removed the requirement to thread the needle between two buoys in the middle of the field.  That was proving just TOO hard for the contestants.  

The best time was posted by YouAintSeenMe (better known as Yasmin).  Her time of 48 seconds won the day.  Carla Eisenhart was the closest runner up with a great time of 54 seconds.  It is not a coincidence that these two ladies are also some of the best active Tugby players.  Congratulations to both of you and to EVERYONE who participated.  The purpose of having fun while raising money for Sail for Life was achieved!

Yasmin with her trophy

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