Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tugby Results for March 30, 3014

We had a very good group of folks show up to play Tugby last Sunday.  Kiki and Jamal Nerido returned after an absence of some time.  Welcome back!!  Nez Darkfury hasn't played very regularly, but we were glad to see him back.  

The overall results for the Spring season are below, the results for last Sunday are here as well (Dagger had a great day!) .  Hope to see you next week!!

0/4 Kiki
1/2 Nez
1/4 Lucky
4/4 Dagger
1/2 Jamal
2/4 Skye
2/4 Yas
2/4 Forrest
1/3 Lynn
1/1 Allie

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