Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tugby Hud - Puck Rezzer and Game Controls

Yasmin gave me the following description of the functions of the Tugby Hud and I wanted to share it with all of you.  What a GREAT tool!
Please join me in thanking Yasmin!

"Some notes on the Tugby puck rezzer and game controls...

The main controller is in a prim under the center point of the Tugby field, controls are accessed by clicking on a small hud/button on your screen to get a dialog menu from the main controller. Feel free to modify the hud prim to make it larger or change the texture etc, you just need to be able to Touch it and be aware that it changes color when goals are scored.

The device recognizes one user as the Referee with all the control options, other users can touch their hud to get a dialog popup with current game scores. Any users with the Tugby Captains group active will have the option to take the Referee role, this will be announced in a shout but the game state will not be changed.

I shall describe the function of the buttons on the Referee menu...
    rez - silently and instantly rez a puck
    START! - shouts score & a countdown before rezzing puck
    derez - removes the puck

If you are just practicing then "rez" is the simplest option, but for match play then use START! The puck will self-destruct after 30 minutes, and old pucks destroyed before new ones are rezzed.

The second row of buttons are for resetting scores and game types
    zero - set both team scores to 0 and unset "Best of 3/5" modes
    2of3 - zero team scores and set win score 
    2of5 - zero team scores and set win score

And note that you can manually adjust the scores via the "[Score +/-]" button.

There are two toggle options
    Auto - this option means you trust the goal line detector script and will skip the Referee confirmation of goal
    Nudge - give the puck a small random initial velocity as it is rezzed, to mimic human variation in puck placement

That covers the main features, I'm adding minor tweaks & fixes as they occur to me - I just added a rez-to-goal timer, and a "Panic!" button for Players to alert Refs. 

Please feel free to try the thing for yourself and let me have any questions, feedback or suggestions and I'll try to make improvements. Whilst the main intent is to assist the Ref this is something for all Tugby players. If it is useful for Nber for the Sunday matches then its just as handy for running impromptu games to for practice and fun. Enjoy.... :-)


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